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الميديا بقيت مسيطره على كل الناس حتى الأطفال فاحنا عشان دايما حابين نقدم حاجه صح ونخلي الميديا تأثر بطريقه آمنه متقلقش بيها علي ابنك أو بنتك ومش هيكون بيشوف بس ده هيتعلم كمان ازاي يكون مبدع وخلاَّق وقادر يعبر عن أفكاره وعارف إمكانياته ومواهبه وقادر يواجه نقط ضعفه ويقوي من نقط قوته قادر يدافع عن نفسه.. وقادر يعترف بغلطه كل ده هيساعده يخلي المجتمع يحترمه ويحترم تفكيره المؤسسه هتقدملك الورش لتعليم كل مايخص الميديا واللي يحتاجها ابنك عشان يستفيد ويقدر يحقق حلمه هيكون في إخراج وتصوير ومونتاج ورسم وتاليف ورسوم متحركه😍 وكمان مش بس كده هيكون في قسم انتاجي عمل الأفلام وفيديوهات منوعه للاطفال اما كرتون او 3d وطبعا كلنا عارفين انه الأطفال بتحب جدا تجرب كل جديد وف سنهم بيكون سهل جدا يتعلمو ده ويحقق نجاح كبير ♥ لو انت شايف انه ابنك أو بنتك مهتم بالميديا وجواه فنان احنا هنساعدك تطلع الفنان اللي جواه ويكون ليه وجود ويحقق خطوه كبيره في حلمه❤️ #تالةبدايةتحقق_حلمك

Our Vision

A society whose children enjoy

multiple perceptions based on values, ethics and life skills in preparation for progress and social and economic development, whose children are able to create and change to become a role model in front of the world.

Our Mission

Talah Foundation

was established in Cairo, Egypt, in the year 2020, and it is an institution that provides informal and non-traditional artistic and educational activities for children and youth in the most needy and poor areas as well as high-end areas all over the Republic with equal and varied opportunities for children. Tala Foundation is an Egyptian developmental institution that aims to direct the safe and positive impact of media and education on children, through educational workshops and atypical and creative practical exercises for children, their parents and their families. Creating an appropriate environment that enables children and youth in marginalized areas to develop their artistic sense, intellectual and creative abilities, and self-discovery, through arts and non-traditional learning methods.

Talah Foundation

also seeks to provide education and safe media for children and their families to be a pioneering center for facing the dangers of media and their impact on the child, family and youth in society by building awareness and capabilities and developing a qualification methodology for the work team and partners. . We provide our services in all governorates of the Republic ... with the aim of enriching the beneficiaries socially and culturally, and qualifying them to achieve their full potential as individuals with authentic and mature personalities, and able to develop from themselves and their societies through media and non-traditional educational programs to become with an honorable image and to be emulated in front of the world as a whole


Talah develops children's skills.

Play Dough Learning

Drawing lessons

Vocal performance


Photography And Films Making


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